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There are times when unforeseen circumstances arise that require special oversight. Special projects come up, people leave their positions to pursue other opportunities or any one a number of reasons. This is when you need an executive that can step in and hit the ground running. Whether you need help until you can fill the vacancy or just need someone to oversee staff activities and programs on an occasional basis, we can help you.


Our team of management professionals have extensive experience building and leading teams of front line employees, managers and partners. With our team, you now have piece of mind knowing that the organization can continue to perform when staffing changes.



An old proverb says that leadership is doing the right things; management is doing things right. The question then becomes; lead or manage? In today’s world you need both. Many executives and managers excel making sure tasks are done correctly.


However, most organizations that want to be number one in their industry or market need to have an edge.  One of the most important ways of getting that edge is to show your customers and employees the way to success.  Our seasoned veterans bring with them the skills that “show the way” to being a true leader.


By combining management with leadership, this powerful combination will give your team the proper tools and skills to effectively compete in today’s world.






Does your staff exhibit a winning attitude?  As a group, are they over achieving their goals? Like professional sports teams, you have a number of team members that have unique skills and talents.  To get the most productive use of these individuals often requires the help of others.  Unfortunately, many people on the staff see themselves as individual contributors and while they may have a great individual performance, the team ends up losing in the end.


Galileo Consulting can help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of your team and provide ways to make them more effective.  Sometimes that is by reorganizing the team or teaching new skills that bring the players together to achieve a common goal.  Based on our experiences, we can help you create an efficient, effective and successful organization.





Many successful teams need a little help now and then. Day by day, executives and managers get bogged down in the minutiae of their responsibilities and sometimes lose sight of what makes an organization most effective.


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