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Many times, it takes a different viewpoint to set your course in the proper direction.  Galileo helps ensure you are headed in the right direction, giving you the confidence that your decisions are solid and well-grounded.


Our consultants will review your current strategy and make recommendations specific to your companies needs.  We take into account many factors such as industry trends, market dynamics, local and geographic needs and competitive pressures.  We can help you modify or develop your marketing plan to ensure you have the proper perspective of your market.


Much of what many marketing organizations are able to provide is the “air cover” for their sales groups.  This can be high level messaging, presentation and collateral development or lead generation.  One facet that many sales professionals constantly request is someone or something to help them at the local level.


Field marketing provides the mechanism to bring the programs developed by marketing and operationalize them at the field level.  Giving headquarters a line-of-sight to the sales force provides many pieces of useful information.  Some of the many benefits include quickly knowing which programs are working and, if not, why; gathering and providing best practices within your sales force; and even providing your product or services developers much needed insight to what your clients need to keep them in business.


One of the most cost effective ways to provide more “feet on the street” without the expense of growing your sales force is to develop partnerships or alliances with companies either complementary to yours or are in markets you do not yet serve. Many large organizations may have people or even entire groups dedicated to managing partner relationships.


Galileo helps you determine which companies would provide the best opportunity and develop a plan and tools to create those new linkages. We also help you manage those relationships so your current resources don’t have “one more thing” piled on to an already full plate.


As new media channels and technologies continue to emerge at unparalleled rapid rates, it is increasingly more difficult for mid-tier marketers to reach and engage their target audiences. Representing the TouchPoint Alliance, an exciting new organization formed by a group of industry leaders whose complementary capabilities contribute to the achievement of customer intimacy, we enable you to drive loyalty and top line revenue growth.



In today’s tight economy and continued drive for growth, organizations are looking for new ways to either get a competitive edge or simply attain a broader market share. For many companies, Marketing departments provide the “air cover” for their direct sales groups. By and large, this is a successful way to promote your organization and its products and services.

There are, however, other ways that, when used in conjunction with traditional marketing methods, provide more focused market penetration, support of the sales organization as well as provide more avenues to promote your company. Our staff of successful and experienced consultants provides you with the opportunity to create new and unique channels to drive your business:


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