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One of the most mis/underutilized assets technology and services companies have are their technical resources.  Yes, they are generally very busy and stretched very thin but have a unique intrinsic value; because they don't carry the same perceptions that most sales people do, the technical resources are generally viewed by your customers as an "honest broker". When your customer is more comfortable with the team, they are more likely to buy from them.


With the right knowledge, communication skills and understanding of the sales process, many technical resources can help your customers feel more comfortable with your company and the decisions they make buying your products.  We can assess your team for the characteristics needed and develop a program to meet your needs.



Businesses and consumers have many choices when purchasing new technology today.  The fact is, even though your products are somehow unique, there are many competitive products that can do similar things.  Businesses and consumers either buy the lowest priced product or the one that provides the most perceived value.  Because of that, the question becomes: "How do we differentiate our products and services?" In depth product training for your sales, sales support and marketing organizations is critical to the success of a new product launch.






By focusing on a key area of your business, we can help your sales force improve opportunity cycle time, gain higher levels of contact, understand new markets and much more. Among the areas we can assist you are:


Market Segment - If your product portfolio is geared to fit in multiple types of companies from a wide variety industry, it is vital that your sales force possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to best serve their customers.


Relationship Building - Sometimes we can use a friendly reminder to keep us from backsliding into old ways of selling, or it's time to take a different approach. The adage that “People buy from people they trust” is proving to be more applicable today than ever before.



Providing your organization with current information and keeping its skills up to date is vital to your success. One important method of doing so is to supply your group with customized instruction that will keep it competitive. The team at Galileo will work with you to determine what is needed then develop a plan or curriculum and deliver either on site or via the web.



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